August 17, 2009

Hotham Banked Slalom Results and Photos


Okay, it was a big weekend of contests but there was definitely hype on this one. LibTech’s Hotham Banked Slalom happened on Saturday and the winner of the trip to Mt. Baker and entry into the Baker Banked Slalom went to Mark Cowley. Check below the cut for some words from Tony at LibTech, the full results tables and a few photos from the day!

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From Tony Watterson:

The first annual Mt Hotham Banked Slalom was officially unreal. It was a really fun day. We were blessed with plenty of very rare sunshine and the coarse was really fast and gnarly. The gates were set high on the walls of Gunbarrel and there were even a few rocks to dodge which added to the challenge. Competitors had two timed runs down the coarse with fastest run counting towards final score. A time in the low fifties was considered good if you didn’t crash. There were lots of crashes! This meant that anybody could have taken first place and won a flight to Mt Baker and entry into the Legendary Mt Baker Banked Slalom. There were some hungry locals that were just as keen to get there name engraved onto the first of twenty spots on the perpetual trophy that will live on the mountain. Others were just keen to get a better time than their mates and win bragging rights.

In the end there was only 0.94 seconds between first place and sixth place.

If you weren’t there you should be next year.

Thanks to everyone that helped out, Mt Hotham events department and everyone that competed.

Good luck at Baker Cowley!

Open Mens:
1st – Mark Cowley  52.00
2nd – Myles Pollock  52.18
3rd – Richard Langslow  52.25

1st – Stacey Doleman  58.13
2nd – Hannah Studd  1:00.33
3rd – Rachel Patrick  1:01.26

1st – Nik Gray  57.59
2nd – Richard Fishmunga  57.99
3rd – Richard Wildman  59.23

by Dave