July 13, 2015

Street League’s Stop 1 – LA Results

Street League Stop 1 for 2015 (excluding the Pro Open) went down over the weekend in L.A. and for once, there was a surprise ending. Luan Oliveria came through with the goods and took out the stop on the last trick – a switch front bigspin heelflip.

There’s a full table of results to check out below. I’d love to embed a video here for you to check out some highlights but SL have swapped to using some sort of ghetto media player that I won’t inflict on you all, so you can go here if you desperately want to see it… Otherwise the winning hit is above via Fox Sports.

Final Results:
1. Luan Oliveira – 34.2
2. Nyjah Huston – 34.0
3. Chaz Ortiz – 33.1
4. Cody McEntire – 31.1
5. Chris Cole – 30.3
6. Kelvin Hoefler – 29.0
7. Ryan Decenzo – 28.3
8. Evan Smith – 21.5

by Dave