March 18, 2014


Interest in big wave surfing has recently sparked again in mainstream. Lead by Shane Dorian and his  crew paddling what was previously un-paddleable sized Jaws. Red Bull and Mark Mathews have put together an interesting concept based on a ‘slab’ event and an un-usual tweak on big wave surfing contests.

The Red Bull Cape Fear Challenge will take place at the southern-most tip of Botany Bay, Sydney. Ours, Cape Solandar or newly named Cape Fear is one of the shortest and heaviest waves in AU. Red Bull and Mark’s have created a go-live event that’ll take place at this epic location  Cape Fear literally breaks into a cliff. You can stand above and look down at heavy tubes and even more epic beatings less than 10 metres away, and feel the spray of salt and blood! The wave itself is fickle and tricky but the cliff and ensuing backwash make the wave all the more exciting; the backwash turns four foot waves into six footers with the help of the cliff.

The event is invitation only and will be called on when the swell dictates. 1 on 1 paddle and tow format should make it very interesting. Will be amazing if a swell hits in the next few weeks with all the travelling pro’s in town for the Australian leg of the WCT. For more, go here.