July 29, 2014

Street League Stop 2 – Chicago

Main Image From: Transworld Skate
Gallery From: Street League

Street League stop two went down over the weekend. Chicago saw Nyjah Huston take a pretty heavy slam during the quals and be in doubt for the remainder of the comp. But never fear, he reappeared with a bandaged right wrist and a bit of muscle damage to his right thigh to take out first place in the finals and earning him a nice chunk of change. Don’t want injury to stop him making those R8 payments. Although I have noticed that while the prize money has been central to marketing the series in previous years, this year it’s suspiciously absent… Even the FAQ says “2014 prize money details coming soon”. So maybe something has changed for this?

It was Nyjah against Chaz Ortiz in the finals. A backside big flip off the bump and a kickflip to frontside nosegrind on the big gap to ledge put him firmly in the lead and left Ortiz needing a 9.9 to take it back. Ortiz bailed on the next run and it was all Huston. Third went to Pudwill who was looking awesome in the qualifiers. Guy has so much style – those long back tails always look so good.

From here it is onto the finals. Huston, Oliveira, Pudwill, O’Neill, P-Rod, Ortiz, Berger and Wair are through. See the full standings and points below, plus the stop 2 leaderboard.

Final Stop Two Results:
1. Nyjah Huston – 51.0
2. Chaz Ortiz – 49.2
3. Torey Pudwill – 48.3
4. Ryan Decenzo – 40.6
5. Luan Oliveira – 35.7
6. Shane O’Neill – 33.5
7. Paul Rodriguez – 14.8
8. Matt Berger – 7.3

Super Crown Qualifiers:
1. Nyjah Huston – 200
2. Luan Oliveira – 168
3. Torey Pudwill – 165
4. Shane O’Neill – 165
5. Paul Rodriguez – 161
6. Chaz Ortiz – 148
7. Matt Berger – 140
8. Ishod Wair – 136

by Dave