October 14, 2014

GoPro Linked With Schumacher’s Brain Injury

French journalist, Jean-Louis Moncet, has claimed that the GoPro mounted on the helmet of F1 driver Michael Schumacher may have been the cause of his traumatic brain injury. There are claims that tests have shown that the solid camera structure mounted to the helmet changed how it absorbed the impact – adding the camera structure in tests have cause the helmet to disintegrate.

On what was an already bad day for the stock market, GoPro suffered more than most with a 10% drop in price. Taking that out, the performance of the shares has been pretty consistently up over the last few months. Analyst for JPM Securities, Alex Gauna, told Bloomberg, “It’s also very clearly stated in GoPro’s risk factors that consumers should be cautious when engaging in risky activity.” Which is taking a new twist on what I’m sure everyone assumed meant potential injury engaging in the activity, not that wearing the camera is the risky activity.

As a final note, being that there is nothing conclusive about this report as yet, I’d say caution is the way to go and maybe switch from the head-mount to something more sensible… or, you know, give up filming yourself for a bit.

by Dave