October 24, 2014

Review: Shred Bots The Movie

As mentioned yesterday, Shed Bots have released the full version of their movie through Vimeo VOD. The film features Torstein Horgmo, Andreas Wiig, Craig McMorris, Anto Chamberland, Stale Sandbech as well as friends like Mark McMorris, Terje Håkonsen, Charles Reid and more.

I have to start with kudos to film creator Leo Cittadella, especially for the sound design and music which is really well thought through. Great mix of natural and manufactured sound without them being overdone. The editing is clean, the shooting is consistent, titling looks great and the visual effects are kept to a really good level. Looking at the production values, you can’t fault the film at all. And the vibe is great!

The film is anchored by Dex Carrington, a comedian who plays a snowboard agent for the film and does it really well with quotes like “Shred Bots is all about inspiring people, like that guy who invented yoga… Jesus.” I have never actually heard of this guy so I don’t know if it’s a consistent schtick or just for this film.

The crew cover a lot of miles shooting in France, Canada, the States, Australia and Norway with an awesome mix of backcountry, street, park and special features. There’s no doubt that Torstein absolutely kills it (plus he’s pretty damn funny – the rip on T. Rice is hilarious) and he owns the film, but I was super impressed with Brage Richenberg’s resort part in Wyoming. The young Norweigan goes really hard. Andreas Wiig has lost nothing over the years and goes really big as well.

Favourite section has to be the Hemsedal, Norway feature – just one massive hit after another with awesome style.

Check below for the full rider list and track list as well. This one is out now and well worth your $13.00 – click here to buy.

Rider List:
Torstein Horgmo
Brage Richenber
Andreas Wiig
Craig McMorris
Mark McMorris
Anto Chamberland
Ståle Sandbech
Terje Håkonsen
Dex Carrington (Not riding, but featured)

Guest Riders:
Darcey Sharpe
Chris Rasman
Per Iver Grimsrud
Tanner Hall
Sammy Carlson
Charles Reid
Scotty James
Mons Roisland

Intro Part – Get Back by Matoma
France Part – Nairobi by Bag Raiders
Apres Ski Part – Dirty Melbourn Bounce by Matoma
Whistler Part 1 – Don’t Wait by Mapei
Anto Chamberland Street Part – Put It by Schlohmo
Mark, Craig and Ståle Part – Eli Eli by Misun
Japan Part – Slippin Around by Zhala Rifat and Mathias Olden
Alaska Part – 1998 by Chet Faker
Keystone and Mammoth Part – Time by Jungle
Hemsedal Part – Take Your Time by The S.O.S Band
Whistler Part 2 – Far, Hidden & Away by CRNKN
Wyoming Part – Black Out Days by Phantogram
End Credits – Monument by Röyksopp

Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify here.

View the teaser for Shred Bots The Movie

by Dave