November 5, 2014

Rip Curl Search GPS Gets Awarded

I spend my days creating advertising. Last week, I got treated to a gala dinner (and all I could drink!) in Sydney for the ADMA awards. One of the very interesting things from the night was Rip Curl’s ad agency, VML, picking up a couple of awards for their work on the Search GPS watch and app. The guys scored themselves a trophy for ‘Use of New Technologies’ and ‘Mobile Marketing Campaign’ as well as a few ‘highly commended’ mentions I believe.

If you’re unaware of the product, it’s pretty much a FitBit for surfing. It tracks waves caught, distance travelled, speed as well as a few other bits. Check the features clip above for more. The whole thing appeals to those into the quantified self where you measure and improve all aspects of what you’re doing.

For more on the watch, hit the Rip Curl Search GPS page. And if you want a review of the product from someone more qualified than me to talk about it, head over to Surfing Life’s write up.

by Dave