December 3, 2014

Corbin Harris Skates Westfield

This is actually a sad story of missed opportunity. Westfield got Corbin Harris to skate a newly opened shopping centre (or a slightly refurbished one, or something). The shoot was done at night and he had free run of the place… pretty rad. Then, someone decided that gratuitous use of helicopters was warranted, plus putting the skateboard in an ill fitting briefcase for some unexplained reason, topped off with what looks like the efforts of a first year media student to colour grade it (vignette harder!). Bummed.

Here’s a note to the people behind that clip, if you ever have an opportunity like that, you need to watch Match Made In Hel first. That’s how it’s done.

But to finish, props to Corbs for getting to do it. Would have been a fun shoot.

by Dave