January 7, 2015

Tum Yeto Teams With Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop has been quiet for a while with business dealings in the back making it difficult to put out product. They were purchased by Burton in 2008 and then sold to long time pro, Rob Dyrdek in 2012. Another corporation purchased an interest in the company in 2013 but lots of factors stalled any real progress with the label.

However they have landed a deal with Toy Machine, Foundation and Habitat in the Tum Yeto organisation. Dyrdek remains an owner but is happy to see the brand return to the roots that made it so popular in the 90’s – art inspired by obscure conspiracy theories, extraterrestrial activity and other strange-ness.

With support from the Tum Yeto group, it’s actually a pretty exciting time for the brand and here’s hoping that they can recapture some of their coolness. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for 7 1/4″ Sect boards.

by Dave