January 8, 2015

Mambo Sold To Saban Brands

It’s hard to classify this as surf news anymore but as someone who remembers the brightly coloured shirts flying out the door of the shop in the late 90’s, I felt it was worth a mention.  Saban Brand, the owners of Paul Frank and Macbeth have picked up Mambo. They purchased it from a consortium which had purchased the brand off Gazal in 2008.

For those that have not tracked the history of the brand, they were on a massive winning streak for years in the lead up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics, when they were picked to design the Australian uniforms. Once that was done, there was nothing stopping the decline. They seemed to disappear in no time and all. They briefly reappeared in 2010 when Cheyenne Tozzi did a five minute product clip for them but that’s about all the excitement there has been.

Will be interesting to see if Saban can bring it back to relevance. If they apply the same strategy they have to the other brands in the stable, it’s hard to see anything changing.

by Dave