February 26, 2015

Snowboarders Testing Tow In Options

There’s a lot of jokes around about snowboarders coming from money… Maybe that’s just an Australian thing, but some videos I’ve come across this week are not helping the stereotype.

On Monday I came across a clip of a snowboarder getting towed by a private plane. Check that one out above. He reaches 125km/h on the side of the runway behind the plane. Unfortunately there’s no jump or anything to use the speed for. It’s purely a stunt for… I dunno, YouTube views?

Then on Tuesday I came across another snowboarder testing out another option… A Lamborghini Huracan. Check that out below. That car is all wheel drive and can do 325km/h. Even adjusting for snow, I think the result of this video is incredibly disappointing. I keep expecting to see them overtaken by a kid on a toboggan.

Other tow in options yet to be trialled (but sure to be soon) include  the $15 million Bell 525 Relentless or the $200 million Oceanco Seven Seas.

by Dave