April 8, 2015

Changes And Lawsuits At Quiksilver

It hasn’t been long since Andy Mooney was moved on and the new-old team are clearing house. Two of the top sales execs that Mooney brought in have left the company and the sales departments are being restructured to have brand specific reps rather than single reps selling across the three titles.

In addition, the company now faces a class action lawsuit over its disclosures and financial procedures between June 2014 and March this year. Remember how the results were delayed after an accounting irregularity was found? Well, that’s led some to believe that the information the company was providing over that nine months may have been false or misleading. Everyone is jumping on this right now with Billabong suffering the same kinda deal.

Head over to Shop Eat Surf for more detail on the changes at the company and the PR release on the lawsuit can be found here.

by Dave