December 23, 2014

2014’s Top 10 Snow, Skate And Surf Articles

It’s coming up to the end of the year which is a great time to look back at what made news during the last 12 months. The Olympics in Sochi, the ups and downs for Billabong and Quiksilver, the great videos and the terrible ones.

Looking at the article stats over the last 12 months, here’s the articles that got the most interest:

1. Shred Bots Review
Top hit article of the year – a little write up on just how good this film was.

2. Shaun White Breaks Out The Yolo Flip
In the lead up to the Sochi Games, White was breaking out some new tricks for the judges to get used to, and the competition to get nervous about.

3. This is Unfortunate
Electric got unintentionally racist with their new logo design… It was an obscure find, that’s for sure.

4. Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Seb Toots Kill It
Sebastian Toutant absolutely killing it. Watch it again. Now. I’ll wait.

5. Burton Cattlemans Rail Jam 2014 Results
Always an awesome competition and one I look forward to seeing every year.  

6. i-Pod Defeats White In Terrible Conditions At Sochi
The Russian Winter Games provided many upsets but none bigger than White’s result in the pipe. 

7. Heliski Crash in NZ
Sad news from NZ when people died in a helicopter crash in NZ.

8. Billabong, You’re Drunk
Billabong either suffers from amnesia or has brass balls the size of watermelons as they announce their intention to go back into physical retailing.

9. Anastasia Ashley Nude Photo Leak Fears
A laptop with some sexy time photos on it gets stolen after a fashion shoot. The internet awaits their release.

10. Billabong Sells Up SurfStitch and Swell
Because the internet is just a fad and Biggie said it best… Mo Money, Mo Problems. Business is just too easy when you can’t count the money faster than it’s coming in.

by Dave